About Daniel Sheard

Dr Daniel Sheard has been a consulting scientist for over 25 years, working mostly for clients in the marine industry. Originally from West Yorkshire, he currently lives with his wife and children in the North West of England.

Daniel studied Natural Sciences, including chemistry, physics and cellular biology, at Christ’s College, Cambridge and was awarded the Hartree and Clerk Maxwell prizes in 1990 for Part 2 Physics. His doctorate involved studying sound transmission in arctic waters.

After leaving Cambridge, Daniel taught mathematics for two years. He then joined scientific consultancy Jarrett, Kirman & Willems. JKW merged with Brookes Bell a few years later and Daniel became a partner. At JKW and subsequently Brookes Bell, Daniel has travelled worldwide and attended on countless ships.

His expertise relates to scientific aspects of cargo being carried on ships or being handled or stored ashore. Dr Sheard believes that understanding the science underlying the behaviour of a commodity is always the essential starting point for explaining and diagnosing damage or deterioration. He has seen at first hand many of the more problematic commodities and has the experience and expertise to advise on how to handle them safely in emergency or crisis circumstances.

Daniel has given evidence in Court and in Arbitration proceedings on many occasions and is in great demand as an expert advisor and expert witness.

He has written and contributed to many loss prevention guides and articles. He is co-author of the North P&I Guide to Ventilation. He has chaired all of the Lloyds/Informa conferences on liquefaction of solid bulk cargoes.

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